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Places to See in Thailand

If you are interested in the wonderful sights and sounds of Thailand then it is easy to select the best places to see. It has everything from the perfect beaches to wildlife. And if you do have a private car, chances are you will find the motorway travel options convenient.

Thailand is the ultimate dream tourist destination. You can discover the mysterious past and a colorful present and how they all intertwine into a whole new age for you. The beauty of nature is reflected in the unique culture that the Thai people use to keep their unique identity. Some of the best places to see are:

Hanoi – If you are interested in history then you will definitely love to visit Hanoi, Vietnam. This beautiful capital city is divided into several districts and each district has its own special culture and history. You can explore and experience this diverse culture by visiting the Old Quarter, Central Market, Song Samsao, Saigon River, Ba Ling Garden, Ho Chi Minh City Museum, and Saigon Square.

Phuket – Soak up the sun on a holiday villa in Phuket. The beaches and warm tropical climate are perfect for spending the summer months. There are many beach resorts with pools available so you can enjoy some good sunbathing.

Dong Port – This beautiful stretch of coastline has some of the most exquisite buildings ever created by man. The hotels in Dong Port are second to none. If you are looking for something that is a little less crowded then consider booking a bed and breakfast in the area. It is also very interesting to see the American warships come in and out of the port.

Siem Reap – This small town in Cambodia offers stunning waterfalls and Buddhist temples as well as abeautiful village. Siem Reap is another place where you can see the Cambodian Armed Forces train for the Vietnam War. It is also home to one of the finest museums in the world, the Museo Pacifico de Indios (Mori Museum) which shows the style and fashion of the local people of Vietnam during the 1970’s.

Nakhon Ratchasima – This is a central province in Thailand and it is referred to as ‘The Crystal Island’. It is famous for being an island in the middle of the Mekong Delta and it has been a popular diving site for centuries. The crystal-clear waters in the Nakhon River is well worth a trip.

Tien Trung – This amazing region is so famous because of the sunset in the town of Saraburi. It is a popular stop for adventurous tourists who are looking for diving. You can also visit the gorgeous beach of Tham Luang and learn about the Thai culture there.

Kanchanaburi – Kanchanaburi is one of the main centres of the Kanchanaburi region of Thailand. You can enjoy some great diving while exploring this amazing region. There are lots of natural sceneries and cultural sites in this area, so you can certainly explore and see everything the area has to offer.

Cana – A very popular stop on the way to Phuket. It is on the Gulf of Thailand and is connected to Phuket by air and sea. The location is perfect for swimming and diving.

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